Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Useful Links for Psychological Research In R

I have posted some useful links on the bottom right hand side of the blog. All of these links concern R applications for psychology. You will find R syntax, packages, and other resources related to psychological research at each of these pages. below are the links and a brief description: :This site contains a wealth of information on R. This is an excellent site to bookmark for R questions. This covers everything from data manipulation and basic statistics to advanced statistics and advanced graphical applications. :this site covers the psych package for R. This package provides some basic statistical applications of R that are pertinent to the psychological sciences. :this is the manual for the QuantPsyc R package which contains several functions that aid in investigating statistical mediation, moderation, and multivariate assumptions.It also has a useful application of the boot command for bootstrapping parameters of basic mediation models. :this is the manual for statistical applications in R. It can be rather confusing, yet will make navigating R much easier if it is read. :this is a manual for conducting research with survey data. It covers the basics of manipulating and investigating such data (making composites, finding various reliabilities, etc.). :This is arguably the most user friendly and sophisticated multiple imputation program for R. It can be ran in or outside of R. This program imputes data under the assumption of Missing at Random, and uses a bootstrapping based EM algorithm. This is a great program to quickly and easily deal with missing data. It is recommended that the user read the manual before use.

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