Monday, December 29, 2008

Advanced Structural Equation Modeling modeling in R

This Summer the researchers Boker, Neal, and Maes from the Unviersity of Virginia will be releasing the first beta test of their Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) software, OpenMX. OpenMX is a port and upgrade of the late statistical modeling program MX which will now be integrated into the R statistical computing environment. This program will provide a large increase in the accessibility, efficiency, and utility of the MX software. The OpenMX team promises extensive documentation so that students having only entry level knowledge of SEM will be able to learn and use this software.

Advanced options and estimators ranging from multi-level modeling, nuero imaging, dynamical systems, and mixed modeling to Full Information Maximum Likelihood estimation will be available in OpenMx. This software will also provide a graphical user interface in which models can be specified by path diagrams. This will be a massive improvement on the availability of structural equation modeling software in R.

Closed beta starts in January (2009) and open beta will begin this summer (2009).

See documentation here
Website here

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