Monday, February 2, 2009

Enhanced R for Linux Users

I have recently been using Rkward, an opensource graphical user interface for R that runs on Linux. Windows users can only hope that this will be released in a Windows format; as this is probably the most sophisticated, yet user friendly, R graphical user interface available. This is particularly true with the latest version. Despite access to point-and-click options for some of the basic commands; the primary utility is the script input and output editor/viewer which are great for storing and organizing syntax for projects. The only program I can think of that compares to this is EMACS, which has a steep learning curve. Want to try this? First-- have a machine running Linux. I currently run opensuse 11.1 on one of my computers and would recommend this OS for users looking to switch from Windows to Linux. If you have linux, just use the link above for download-- or go to the package manager in your distribution.

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